Rose Louise Odier


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An incredibly beautiful rose bush that will fill your summer garden with eye-catching blooms all and delightful fragrance all summer long. Rose ‘Louise Odier’ produces the most beautiful, almost camellia-like blooms in a vibrant shade of bright pink that are shaded with lilac. Each large fully-double rose has layers and layers of petals that create a perfect round flower. In bloom from June right through to November, make sure you plant it somewhere you can enjoy its wonderfully strong fragrance throughout the summer months. A vigorous shrub with a neat and bushy habit, it is a perfect choice for planting in your mixed beds and borders or large containers and patio pots. Very easy to grow and maintain, making it an ideal choice for both new and seasoned gardeners alike. Rose ‘Louise Odier’ will thrive in most soils and will grow especially well when positioned in full sun. Supplied as a freshly potted, professional quality plant in a 3L pot, growing to a height of 150cm (5ft) and spread of 125cm (4ft).