Primula ‘Lilac Lace’ x 12 Jumbo Plugs


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A popular and striking polyanthus, ‘Lilac Lace’ is an exquisite new colour addition to this popular favourite, and will delight you with its gorgeous lilac flowers – each delicate petal laced in silver-white and surrounding a sunshine-yellow centre. Really something special, ‘Lilac Lace’ produces masses of flowers which are carried on long elegant stems which emerge from bold, textured foliage. The plants are best appreciated in small groups at the edge of flowerbeds or in pots. A spring-flowering, winter-hardy perennial, ‘Lilac Lace’ is a great solution for autumn and winter containers where the luxurious foliage will add texture and interest before bursting into flower in the spring. Beautiful in a pot or displayed in a small flower vase, you can also grow these plants indoors – until they reach eight to 10cm in height, when you should transfer them outdoors. Supplied as 12x Jumbo Plugs ready for potting up and growing on.