Patio Clematis Olympia Boulevard


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Clematis Olympia(TM) Evipo099(N) is one of the ground-breaking new series of BOULEVARD(R) clematis bred by award-winning clematis expert Raymond Evison. With large, eye-catching, purple-blue flowers on a compact, medium-sized plant, ‘Olympia’ gives a delightful display from early spring to late summer.This compact clematis blooms all the way along its stems, resulting in a proliferation of large, rich purple-blue flowers from the ground upwards all summer and into late autumn. Makes a beautiful feature of fences, trellises, and arches and is especially effective in containers.Olympia(TM) Evipo099(N) loves a sunny spot, where it can be trained up trellis for a vertical wall effect or allow to naturally wind its way through beds and borders.Free-flowering and extremlely hardy, this clematis is perfect for decorating fences and its compact growth is ideally suited to a pot, planter or even hanging baskets!