Oregano (Greek) Seeds


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What better way to add flavour to your cooking than picking herbs fresh from the plant? Growing your own – whether on your kitchen windowsill, balcony, patio or in your herb garden, beds or borders – is much more satisfying than buying successive pots of herbs from the supermarket that last only a couple of weeks. This hardy perennial is a member of the mint family, with its origins in the warm countries of Western and Southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean. Ancient Greeks called it ‘Joy of the Mountain’ and it was commonly woven into bridal bouquets and used in traditional remedies for its digestive and antiseptic properties. Its bright green, aromatic leaves and small white or purplish summer flowers make a lovely addition to any windowsill or garden. Considered the ‘true oregano’ by generations of cooks and gardeners, Greek oregano is the best of the bunch as far as flavour is concerned as it is has a stronger, more earthy character than other varieties, with hot and peppery notes. The warmer the weather, the more intense the flavour of the leaves will become – a great addition to tomato based dishes, pizzas, sauces, soups or marinades, or even added to salads. It’s a good herb for drying and it stores well; dried leaves have a more intense flavour so can be used more sparingly than the fresh. Although more commonly grown in pots, if planted in the ground it provides great ground cover, forming slow-spreading clumps that can be trimmed back easily to maintain size and shape. Whether grown in the ground or in a pot, it makes a great companion plant as its strong aroma will repel ants and other insect pests whilst its summer flowers are particularly attractive to bees and other pollinators. Supplied as a packet of approx. 900 seeds ready to sow indoors year-round or outdoors from April to May. Grows to 40cm (16in) high. Plant in warm, light, well-drained soil or compost, 20cm (8in) apart, in a sunny position directly into a border or herb garden, or in pots or containers.