Geranium Summer Lovers


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Zonal Geraniums (or Pelargoniums) are among the very best plants for containers and make a great border display too. Providing good height and incredible colour impact to your summer displays, they bring interest to beds and borders as well as making a perfect centrepiece for baskets and patio containers. Zonals are so named because of the burgundy-coloured half-moon pattern that develops on the upper surface of their leaves, however, it is the strong lollipop-shaped flowers that deservedly capture your attention. Each flower head of Big Ezee contains literally dozens of individual, bright red flowers together making a display that will last and last. They are incredibly strong-growing and vigorous, flowering throughout the whole of the summer months and right through until the autumn. A native of South Africa, geraniums are also incredibly drought tolerant, thriving in any sun-baked container or a sunny bed or border in your garden. Easy to grow and low maintenance – a must for every garden! Supplied as 12 plug plants, ready for potting up and planting out when all risk of frost has passed.