Lampranthus aureus, Red and Orange


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Also known as the perennial mesembryanthemum or ‘Vygie’, Lampranthus is a vibrant succulent which has spectacular displays of unbelievably bright, shining flowers all through the summer. One of the most striking plants for the garden and undoubtedly one of the easiest, its large, daisy-like flowers open when the sun shines, and often cover the plants entirely forming a carpet of colour. Lampranthus make ideal plants for window boxes and baskets and are reliable performers both as a container plant and a garden ground cover, so everyone can have a go at growing them. Low maintenance and simple to care for, they’re tolerant of poor soil and drought conditions so don’t mind if you forget about them occasionally! A neatly rounded, compact plant that grows to around 30 x 50cm we supply 6 x 9cm plants, 3 of each colour, red and orange.