Hydrangea paniculata Diamant Rouge


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Producing masses of huge, conical-shaped blooms from June to October, this beautiful variety of hydrangea will make a dramatic statement in your garden. This variety will make a magnificent feature plant for beds and borders in the garden or when potted up and placed on your patio or decking area. Alternatively, plant them in a group for a stunning display. ‘Diamant Rouge’ – produces incredible balls of burgundy-coloured flowers, which turn white as the season progresses. Standing tall and proud on their stems, each flower cluster can reach up to an amazing 40cm (16in) across. Flowers June to August. Eventual height and width: 1.5m x 1.2m. Naturally sturdy and easy to grow and maintain. These hydrangeas will thrive in neutral to acidic, free-draining soil in a sunny or part-shaded spot. With very large flower clusters that can reach over 30cm (12in) across, these distinctive hydrangeas will fill your summer beds, borders or patio pots with wonderful colour. Each year, strong, upright stems are produced with lush mid-green foliage, which are topped with huge, conical-shaped panicles of flowers that will quite simply take your breath away. The buds open to hyacinth-like flowers in burgundy, and last for weeks before flushing with delicate colour tones. If you can bear to cut them, the fresh blooms make an imposing display in a vase and the dried flowerheads can be used as a permanent decoration. Supplied as 3 established plants in 9cm pots, ready to be planted out,