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Hostas are one of the best perennials here in UK gardens, forming mounds of wonderfully lush, attractive, often colourful foliage, which is topped with spires of bell-shaped flowers in beautiful shades of pale pink, purple and white during summer. Growing virtually anywhere, and particularly valuable for those awkward shady spots, they are available in a wide range of colours and forms to suit any garden.Also known as Plantain Lilies, Hostas are great for filling gaps in beds and borders, and they also look fabulous planted up in patio pots and containers separately for a more formal look. Their attractive foliage creates interest all year round and their stunning, often fragrant flowers really wow in the summer.Although they like the sun Hostas will perform just as well in the shade and are a great choice for planting underneath trees and shrubs in dappled shade, acting as great groundcover plants. Suppled as 5 bare root plants. Images are for illustration puposes only. Varieties may vary depending on availability.