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One of the most versatile cabbages you can grow, ‘Offenham 2’ is a favourite old variety that is guaranteed to give you plentiful supplies of super quality, tasty green heads over several months of the year. With two main cropping seasons, it can be picked young and tender as ‘spring’ greens or left to mature into larger, more compact cabbages, with pointed hearts set on a short, thick stalk. Sowing in the spring will yield young ‘greens’ from September onwards, maturing to ‘hearted’ cabbages into November. Summer sowings will produce ‘greens’ from early spring, leaving others to grow to ‘hearted’ cabbages that are ready from April to May. At whatever time you choose to harvest, the dark green leaves have a fabulously rich flavour, whether used raw in salads and coleslaw or traditionally steamed, boiled or braised. Hearty and healthy, they are packed full of vitamin C and antioxidants. There is little or no wastage – the outer leaves are as good to eat as those further in, and contain even greater concentrations of nutrients. These hardy cabbages will thrive in a sunny position in well-cultivated, moisture-retentive soil with good drainage, although are best not planted in soil that has been manured in the preceding 12 months. Supplied as a packet of 350 (approx.) seeds ready to sow indoors in a seed tray or outdoors in a seed bed. Grows to 25cm (10in) height and spread.