Busy Lizzie Beacon Mix


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The Busy Lizzie is back! The number-one bedding plant grown in the UK for years is making a return with a breeding breakthrough of mildew resistance to bring a riot of summer-long colour to your garden. We are extremely excited to be able to bring this Busy Lizzie to you and we’re sure you’ll be just as keen to have them in your garden where their reliability and proven performance make ‘Beacon’ Impatiens a top choice. One of the most popular bedding plants, Busy Lizzies (impatiens walleriana) are guaranteed to excel in UK gardens, rain or shine, sun or shade! During intensive, large-scale trialling, ‘Beacon’ out performed other varieties even when exposed to downy mildew, growing superbly and lasting until the first frosts. Initial growing trials have shown a natural resistance to downy mildew greater than other Busy Lizzie varieties currently available, and we have been particularly impressed with how well these garden favourites have grown and flowered reliably. Robust and durable, plants are top performers in the garden with reliable, consistent growth and summer-long flowering in a great range of dazzling colours: white, red, rose, violet, orange, and orange star. Unlike many other bedding plants, Busy Lizzies will thrive in shade as well as a sunny position and make superb arrangements in both baskets and pots – plus they’re a great filler in the flower border, where they quickly plug gaps between plants. Supplied as 40 Pro Plug Plants, to plant straight out when risk of frost has passed.