Begonia Marginata Mix


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Sunshine yellow and pristine white flowers are edged with Fiery red, ruffled edges making this a begonia that is an absolute head turner – a variety that will certainly get your beds and borders noticed this year! With a continuous display of ruffled, colourful blooms throughout the summer, ‘Marginata’ is a begonia quite like any other that you will see and makes a unique and eye-catching display. Perfect for bringing brightness to dull corners of the garden or patio, this mix makes a colourful addition to your displays. Perfect in pots and baskets, they’re easy to grow too making them the perfect choice for any gardener and any garden. Lightly scented, they’re a low maintenance way to add colour anywhere and with their lush green leaves and contrasting red-edged blooms, they make any planting scheme look amazing! Supplied as a pack of 10 tubers, ready to pot up and grow on.