Agapanthus Twister, African Lily


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A magnificent and stately Agapanthus with unusual, bi-coloured blooms – a striking combination rarely seen in African lilies and definitely an eye-catching and unique variety. A plant that you really need for your garden, this recent introduction from Europe has been met enthusiastically by everyone who sees it, and it’s easy to see why. The good-sized clusters of flowers open from white buds, developing into gorgeous trumpets with rich blue bases and white flaring tips to the petals – they look just like a firework display going off in your flower beds and pots. The flowers emerge on top of robust stems from the luxurious, sword-like leaves and put on a great show from mid to late summer and they’re great for cutting – plus the dried seed heads can be sprayed and brought into your home over winter. Relatively compact for an agapanthus, ‘Twister’ looks fabulous in a pot on your decking, patio or balcony, so is ideal for people with little space – if you only have room for one plant then this is a definite contender for your attention! Although this variety is half-hardy, it does not like cold wet weather, so we recommend covering with a thick layer of dry mulch in winter if planted out, or if kept in a pot, moved into a dry, frost-free area if the temperature drops below -5. We have secured a limited supply of this fabulous garden Diva, so make sure you don’t miss out and order yours today!